Domain Name Plus  

$9.25 per zone (1 Year)

Each zone adds 1 domain and 200 MB for one year.

There is a bandwidth limitation per domain per year of 200 megabytes of total data transferred through our servers. Usage that counts towards your quota includes bytes transferred during DNS queries, delivery of parked home pages, delivery of URL forwarding information, and delivery of forwarded e-mails. If you do not use WebPark, WebForward and MailForward, then only DNS queries will count towards your total usage.

If a single domain goes over 200 MB of transfer during a year, then it counts as TWO domains, if it goes over 400 MB, then it counts as three, etc. Unusually DNS hits are cached, so even the busiest sites won't go over the 200 MB limit. 200 MB should get you about 1,000,000 DNS queries. A typical site uses 5 MB per year of DNS bandwidth.



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