Powerful features brought to you by SureSurv.com

Our packages are feature rich and offer great value for your money! Every Suresure.com package offers POP3, IMAP and web-based email as a standard feature.  Silver and higher packages include SSL hosting at no extra cost. Most packages include full CGI access, MySQL and MS Access databases, ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, SHTML, FTP access and Perl including all common modules. RealAudio and RealVideo streaming technology are also available. And our greatest feature is WebsiteOS!

WebsiteOS (details)

WebsiteOS is a powerful and straightforward tool that gives you complete administrative control of your site. With features such as File Manager, Site Promotion Tool, Web Statistics, Ad Manager, and EasyMail Administrator among many others, you can take control of your site! We provide all the applications you need in one place and make them easy to use.  Dynamic, context sensitive help menus are always available to help you to control all aspects of your account. Click on the "WebsiteOS" link above for more information about these incredible tools.

A seamless blend of UNIX and Microsoft technologies 

Our technology combines the functionality of "NT hosting" and "UNIX hosting" onto one platform. You can run ASP/MS Access and PHP/MySQL based sites from the same server farm. With our seamless blending of UNIX and Microsoft technologies, Suresure.com's hosting system is truly "cross-platform” and one of the most advanced in the industry.

Scale to an unlimited number of domains on redundant servers 

Suresure.com's architecture and infrastructure was designed and built from the ground up to scale to an unlimited number of domains. These domains are hosted on multiple redundant servers, which are clustered using load balancing hardware.

Take advantage of our BGP4 technology 

Multiple redundant Internet connections, currently provided by UUNET, LOOK Communications and Sprint, are implemented through the use of BGP4 (Border Gateway Protocol). We monitor and upgrade bandwidth as needed.

Suresure.com uses multiple routers and load balancers 

Our multiple routers are made redundant through the use of Cisco's HSRP (Hot Swappable Router Protocol). Our server clusters use multiple load balancing hardware, designed for fail over in the event of a load balancer fault, which allows us to give you 99.9% Uptime Guarantee!

Network Appliance filers assure speed and data integrity

Data integrity and speed are assured by multiple Network Appliance Filers using RAID5 technology. Three back up systems are in place; one is on-site and two are off-site at geographically separated data centers. The systems are continuously monitored for reliability and performance by our NOC staff. The data centers are protected through electrical power backup, independent air conditioning units and physical security measures.


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