.biz Frequently Asked Questions

Why submit a Domain Name Application?
During the Domain Name Application period, companies have the opportunity to apply for a domain name prior to the launch of the Registry and the acceptance of regular domain name registrations.

Are there any specifications regulating which .biz domains can or cannot be registered?
Yes. ICANN has sanctioned that all single-character labels and two-character labels be initially reserved. Therefore registrants may not register domains with a single character (eg. www.b.biz) or two-character labels (eg. www.me.biz).

When does the Domain Name Application Service begin?
The Domain Name Application step begins June 25, 2001 and ends September 25, 2001. Any names submitted after September 25 will not be considered eligible for Name Selection.

What happens between September 26, 2001 and October 1, 2001?
During this time, the NeuLevel registry will collect all Domain Applications submitted during the June 25, 2001 - September 25, 2001 time period and randomly select who the .biz registration request will be awarded to (if there is more than one application for a particular domain).

How do I submit a domain name application?
Here's an overview of how the Domain Name Application Step works:
Businesses submit .biz domain name applications to us. We will submit these requests to Tucows who will then submit to NeuLevel, the .biz Registry. The submission provides businesses and individuals with the opportunity to apply for their desired domain name prior to general registration of domain names. All names submitted during this step will be processed during this step. In cases where multiple domain name applications were submitted for the same name, the Registry will select one application through a completely neutral and random process-ignoring the order in which the submissions were received and avoiding preference toward any Registrar. We will then be notified of all successful and unsuccessful domain name applicants.

NOTE: Because it is anticipated that there may be multiple requests for many of the same names, there is no guarantee that a  company's domain name request will be successfully registered by submitting an application.

Is there an application fee?
Yes. The NeuLevel registry is charging a non-refundable domain application fee for every domain application received in this phase. As a result, We will be charging our resellers a non-refundable domain application fee of $6.00 USD per domain application.

How much is domain registration?
Minimum initial registration is 2 x $35.00. ($35.00 per domain per year for a minimum for two years.)

Will the domain application guarantee the registrant the name they request?
No. The registrant is not guaranteed the .biz name even though they have submitted a request. The registry will be utilizing a lottery system to randomly select a registrant to receive the domain they have applied for. The registrant is still required to pay the non-refundable domain application fee.

What happens if I am the only applicant for a particular domain?
The registrant will automatically be awarded the domain that they have pre-registered for. They are still required to pay the non-refundable domain application fee plus the cost of the domain.

What about protection of Intellectual Property Rights?
All domain name applications will be compared against the IP Claim Service database. Whenever the comparison results in an exact match between a domain name application and an IP Claim, the prospective registrant will be notified by e-mail. The e-mail will contain the name of the Reseller that submitted the application, the name and contact information of the IP Claimant-as well as information regarding the IP Claim. There will also be a link to a Web site where the pre-registrant must go to confirm their desire to either proceed with the application or cancel the request. At the end of Domain Name Application and .biz Name Selection, all of the domain name requests are processed and awarded appropriately. You will be notified through your Registrar.

When does the Registry Live Phase begin?
Registry Live is expected to begin October 1, 2001 and run for an indefinite period of time. Registrants may apply for a .biz domain with the intention of use for the conduct of business.


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