Domain Name Plus Overview
  • Domain Name Service - Did Network Solutions charge you full price for your domain name, then leave you without any DNS? We provide DNS, with an easy front end. Just type in a domain name and an IP address on a web page, then browse to the domain you've created, almost instantly! It really works!
  • WebForward™ - Want to expand your internet presence by adding aliases for your existing site? Have a free Geocities site with a complicated address, but you'd rather have a simple "" like everyone else? Use WebForward™, and visitors will get transferred automatically!
  • MailForward™ - Easily forward to other email addresses using MailForward. You can set up a 'default' email for every domain as well.
  • Free starter web page - No place to park your domain while you develop it? Park it here!
  • Branded Site - Get your own nameservers and your own control panel to complement your firm's existing website. Give your clients secure access to only their own domains, and they'll save you time and money by editing their own DNS entries.
  • Our Network - All of our servers are colocated at "top tier" NOCs, with redundant fiber connectivity, diesel backup and climate-controlled environments. Feel free to use our network as backup nameservice for your existing nameservers.
  • Failover & Load Balancing - Large sites can enjoy our custom failover and load balancing services for their web server clusters

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