Domain Name Plus Policies

Terms: The Service is offered to you conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained with's Terms & Conditions document. This policies page is offered as a plaintext addendum to the Terms and Conditions and should not be considered a substitute for reading and understanding our Terms and Conditions. 

Usage Fees: Also, if a single user attempts to create multiple accounts and evade our fee-based service, they are also required to pay for any fees accrued which would have been charged if the two accounts were merged at inception. 

* There is a bandwidth limitation per domain per year of 200 megabytes of total data transferred through our servers. Usage that counts towards your quota includes bytes transferred during DNS queries, delivery of parked home pages, delivery of URL forwarding information, and delivery of forwarded e-mails. If you do not use WebPark, WebForward and MailForward, then only DNS queries will count towards your total usage.

If a single domain goes over 200 MB of transfer during a year, then it counts as TWO domains, if it goes over 400MB, then it counts as three, etc. Usually DNS hits are cached, so even the busiest sites won't go over the 200 MB limit. A typical site uses 5 MB per year of DNS bandwidth. There is no limit to the number of subdomains or records that your zone may contain. 

Going Over Usage Limits: You will be charged for usage, if your usage exceeds the amount which you have been allocated. An invoice will be sent to your email address. If this invoice is not paid, then your account will be suspended until the usage fees are paid. Occasionally, at our discretion, we will give you the opportunity to reduce your usage of our service in order to meet your allocation in lieu of payment for the next higher allocation. 

Spamming: If our services are used for spam, and we receive complaints, then you will be required to stop spamming, and will be notified via email. If spamming continues, your service will then be cancelled in accordance with our Terms & Conditions. 

Legal Use: If our services are used for illegal purposes, then you will be in violation of our Terms & Conditions, and we will cancel your account immediately. 

Privacy: Our privacy policies are posted in a separate document. 


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